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Richard Howard is the top-rated house and petsitter on the UK's premiere petsitting service with over 50 five-star reviews. 

Now you can truly enjoy your holiday with complete peace-of-mind by hiring a professional petsitter. Let Richard care for your fur family and home while you're away. He will send updates as often as you like, along with pictures of your pets having the time of their lives.

Richard will not only care for your pets, he will also care for your home. Your home be safer with Richard there, and your pets will be much happier in their own home with a kind, attentive companion. 

Less stress for your pets means less stress for you. 


Treat yourself and your pets to the best care available—all for the price of a kennel/cattery or less. Contact Richard today for availability.


Rates start at £20/day + travel

Pet Sitting

Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being and happiness. Give them the care and attention they deserve by hiring a professional pet sitter.


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House Sitting

Whether you live in an apartment or a detached house, Richard's services can be customized specifically for your home.


Get in touch today with any questions about how Richard can help keep your property and furry families safe while you're away.


Happy Pets. 

Happy Homes.

Meet Richard Howard

Hi! I am Richard Howard. I have been house and pet sitting now for over six years. I started petsitting because I love animals and they seem to love me too! My clients—many of whom have become my friends—suggested I turn my passion into my business because they value my services so much. 


I am the UK's premiere housesitting service's most experienced and number one rated sitter, with over 70 five-star reviews. I have looked after people's houses and pets from Edinburgh to Plymouth; from Cardiff to Norwich—and pretty much everywhere in between. I've watched over a snuggle of Maltese Poodle puppies in Camden Town and walked a troika of Rottweilers along the Firth of Forth. My canine companions and I have been on buses to the Downs, trains to the Moors, cars to the Lakes and one little girl even went in a basket on a cycle. When I care for animal companions they get my full attention and love—and, if they enjoy them—they get to share my adventures, too.


I have extensive experience with dogs, cats, birds, and more. I love all animals! Big and small! From Chihuahuas to Dogues de Bordeaux. From the completely feral cat to the laziest lap-hogger. I have kept careful watch over flocks of chickens and the occasional duck. I have also cared for more exotic pets like Bearded Dragons, Terrapins, and even an African Grey Parrot!

I'm comfortable caring for pets with medical issues and administering medications as well. I have helped rehabilitate an Alsatian that had suffered a leg injury, and I encouraged a shy rescue dog to become more at ease with other dogs and their owners. I've nursed a sick chicken back to health, complete with baths! There's little I wouldn't do for my beloved animal companions. 

I love your pets as if they were my own. 

It is not just pets that I have looked after: it is homes too. I was instrumental in keeping one home safe from floods by sand-bagging a driveway and, in another incident, by constant monitoring and hours of bailing, ensured only a basement was flooded. I have given gardeners peace of mind by ensuring their lawns are mowed, their plants watered ,and their veggie patches tended.


Before my clients return home, I always give their houses a thorough deep-clean, so that when they come back from their holidays, they return to a spotless home and happy, content pets. 

More About Me

I was born in the UK but my family moved to South Africa in the early 70s and I stayed there until I decided to return to the UK eight years ago. I have two brothers: one immigrated to Australia in the 90s and the other returned to the UK a few years before me. One of my motivations in returning was to be able to see my two young nephews grow up. The other was to explore a land that, though it figured hugely in my imagination and memory, was really only a distant recollection. I wanted to revisit places I had seen when I was very young but also to explore the landscapes and towns that I had only encountered in books and films. As a permanent nomadic lifestyle is really only - if voluntary - for the very rich, I determined to find a way that I could do this, (not being very rich!) So, I kind of stumbled into house and pet sitting, which I discovered I was really rather good at, which was nice.

I love to travel and explore new places, immerse myself in local culture and history, and meet new people. The nomad lifestyle of house and pet sitting suits me so well, because I get to see the country, meet wonderful people, and spend quality time with very special animals. 


My fees start at £20/day (plus travel expenses). Many petsitting services will charge that per pet or per visit, just to fill their water and food bowl. In a kennel or cattery, you not only pay more for additional pets, your beloved pet is kept in close quarters in what must be a very scary, confusing place. 


For that same £20/day, you get peace of mind, a kind and constant companion for your pet(s), a safer home while you're away, and updates as frequently as you'd like.

Allow me to care for your pets with all the love and attention they deserve. With years of experience and lots of happy clients, your pet will feel right at home with me.

I am flexible in my scheduling and very responsive with your pet. Get in touch so we can discuss your needs.


What Clients Say About Richard



A huge 'Thank You, Richard!' for house sitting our 5 dogs (and a cat.) It was a relief not to have to kennel my pets and fantastic to be able to go away knowing my pets and home were well looked after. I put Richard on my car insurance, which enabled him to take the dogs to the beach for their daily walks. I was so happy with Richard that I booked him for our next two holidays immediately we returned.


Richard has been an absolutle god send when I have needed some one to look after my house and pets. He treats your pets like his own and keeps your house immaculate and safe when you are away. I cannot recommend him enough. 

Emma Kenny - TV Presenter / Psychologist

white back Emma.jpg

I have used Richard's services for many years now and I wouldn't ask anyone else to look after my home and pets. He is a wonderful man!

Pete Smith - Manchester, UK


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Rates start at £20 per day plus travel costs.  

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